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About us.


súki are a proudly Australian owned and run company, crafting hand poured soy candles and fragrance diffusers in the leafy suburb of Blackburn, Victoria.

súki began with the simple desire to create environmentally-friendly, biodegradable soy candles using 100% natural soy wax and all-natural fibre wicks free from toxic materials.

Learn more about how súki began and

founders Suzie & Suzanne: Around the High Street

Why súki you ask? Let us show you here.

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súki in Japanese means 'to Love'. súki began with our love of candles and our love of natural products. We want to enjoy candles knowing we are treading lightly on our environment.


súki candles are a Melbourne based company who make 100% soy candles, 100% of the time! Our candles are hand crafted from pure, natural, earth grown soybean oil.  They are 100% vegetable, environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Our wicks are made from all natural fibres and contain no lead or harmful metals.


All súki candles are FREE FROM palm wax, petroleum, paraffin, beeswax products, pesticides, herbicides, toxic materials, genetically modified materials, are Kosher certified and are not tested on animals.

We have a delicious range of scents which have been chosen

from an extensive, tried and tested number of scents.

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