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Súki's new Conical Flask Diffusers are the perfect addition to our original and much loved soy beaker candles. When your scent fades, our scent refill & reed packs are an economical and environmentally friendly way to re-use your conical flask. You can also change scents by simply rinsing out your flask, adding the new warning label to the base of the flask, then adding the new scent and reeds.


Our Conical Flask scent refills are approximately 200ml.  They allow your diffuser to effortlessly and safely permeate scent throughout your home or work space for up to 6 months.  Available in all of súki's delicious range of scents. 


Our refill packs include:

1 x 200ml scent refill

1 x pack of natural rattan reeds

1 x scent warning label

Diffuser Scent Refill & Reeds [fundraiser]

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